2 Ways To Make Your Kids Safer After Your New Garage Door Is Installed

As a homeowner, one of the most important things you can do is to provide protection to your family, and installing a garage door is an ideal way to do so. Although having a garage door is important, it is equally so to be sure that the garage door you use is as safe as possible for your children to be around. Fortunately, there are tips that you can follow that will make your kids safer anytime they are in the garage.

Be Careful Where You Mount The Keypad Wall Control

One mistake that would be easy to make involves the placement of the keypad wall control. Specifically, remember to place it in an area where your children are less likely to be able to access it and be sure that you can see the garage door anytime that someone is manipulating the keypad.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure that the keypad is at least five feet above the ground, so that children do not decide to play with it, which could cause injury. In addition, by placing it where you can see the door move when using the keypad, your kids are safer. By extension, that means that having the keypad installed right beside the door is not always the safest choice if you regularly work in the garage facing away from the doorway.

Make Sure That The Safety Features Of The Unit Work Well

Two of the most important safety features of a modern garage door are its automatic reversal when it senses something in its path and its ability to provide an emergency release when needed. Since January 1, 1983 garage doors are required to sense when an object is in its way and immediately stop, then reverse its direction. To verify that the feature on your door is still working as it should, once a month you should put a large piece of wood underneath the door and allow the door to go through its motions.

In theory, you should never need the emergency release, but you should still be sure that it is working as it should. Just in case the emergency reverse is not working and someone or something is pinned under the door, you will need to yank on the short cord that hangs from the motor and the door will stop. Testing it once a month is a good idea.

If any of the safety features on your door do not work as they should, immediately stop using the door and contact the manufacturer or the garage door installation specialist to have it repaired.

In conclusion, choosing and installing a garage door is only the first part of making sure that it use will be safe and effective. It will also be necessary to verify it is working as it did when it was new, through the above practices, on a regular basis. By doing so, your family and home will be safer.


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