When Your Garage Door Suffers Home Gym-Related Dents, Call A Repair Professional

Turning a garage into a home gym is a time-honored tradition among fitness fanatics. A garage gym allows homeowners to maximize the use of a structure while keeping their residence free of clutter. The intended purpose of a garage, however, is for the storage of cars and personal belongings. The presence of gym equipment does put a garage door at some risk for damage. If any equipment bangs into the door, call a garage door repair service to fix it.

Move Equipment Away from the Door

A garage door is not exactly designed to handle a lot of impact, so taking preventive steps to avoid damage is necessary. Simply not putting workout equipment too close to the door greatly cuts down on the potential for damage-inducing accidents. Creating a makeshift buffer on the floor by stacking old telephone books to block any dropped weights from rolling into the door could be a simple way to prevent major dents and dings.

Don't Make Damage Worse

Despite all your best efforts to avoid mishaps, the garage door could suffer a major dent. Trying to squat extremely heavy weights may lead to falling backwards and crashing into the door. A massive major dent may result and you shouldn't make things worse by opening the door. Turning the garage door opener on and allowing a massively dented door to roll up may tear the rollers and cables out or even tear into the garage's ceiling.

Never assume a dent is "too small" to cause any damage. As long as the dent is enough to impede the rolling of the door, it presents a risk. Keep the garage door closed, disconnect the wireless opener and speak to a garage door repair technician right away.

Smoothing Out the Dents

Fixing the problem may not require replacing the door or spending an enormous amount of money. Perhaps the garage door repair service may be able to smooth out the dents by carefully hammering the imperfections into place.

The process is fairly simple to perform, but garage owners should not even think about doing this on their own. Sure, the idea of picking up some dumbbells and banging the dents straight may seem like an easy plan. Without the necessary experience and skill, however, trying to hammer out dents is going to do little more than make the damage worse.

Cutting the Door

Even when smoothing out the dents is not a workable plan, putting in a new door might not be necessary. Cutting out and replacing the damaged section might be workable and leave the garage door looking as good as new. Even the most critical eye may not be able to tell a section was replaced.

Contact a garage door service like Unifour Door Systems LLC if you have any concerns.

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