Three Garage Door Maintenance Tasks To Keep Your Door Operating Safely

When it comes time for a new garage door, it's best to arrange for a professional technician to handle the task. The door's heavy-duty, high-tension springs make the process of installing a garage door dangerous unless you have experience in this area, and a simple miscue can lead to a serious injury. Once the new garage door is correctly installed, it's important to ensure that the door continues to work safely, especially if you have young children in your home. Over the months ahead, devote time to regularly checking the condition of the door to ensure it's in proper working order. Here are three areas to address.

Cable Condition

A visual inspection of the garage door cables, which run between the pulleys around the door, is a simple way to ensure they're in proper working order. The door's cables should appear intact and not frayed to any degree. Garage door cables are made of a number of thin metal strands, and if they become frayed for any reason, you'll see some of these strands sticking out from the cable. If you notice that the cables appear frayed even to the slightest degree, avoid using the garage door, and arrange for a professional like Mid-South Door Co to visit to replace the cables.

Reverse Sensors

One of the main security features of a garage door is its set of reverse sensors, which are located at the base of the tracks and are designed to stop and reverse the door's descent when something gets in the way. These sensors prevent the door from shutting on an unsuspecting child or even a family pet. An effective way to test the sensors is pressing the button to close the door and, as the door descends, sliding a durable object into the path of the sensors. If the sensors are working correctly, they should detect the obstruction, stop the door's downward path and return the door to the upper position. If the door closes on the object, it's time to call a technician to replace the sensors.

Tighten The Bolts

Frequent use of your garage doors over the course of the months and years can loosen the bolts on the door's roller brackets, which are the brackets mounted along the edges of the doors that connect the door to the tracks with small wheels. Use a ratchet and socket to check and tighten any loose bolts. This job is safe for the average homeowner to tackle and can ensure that your door remains in proper working order.

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