Three Unique Ideas For Decorating Your Garage's Exterior

Your garage is more than just a place where you store your car and your tools. It is part of your home, and you can create a beautiful look for your garage by making a few changes to its exterior. Here are a few ways to bring a unique look to your garage that will have your neighbors a bit jealous.

Replace Your Garage Door

Instead of using a regular roll-up garage door, consider adding a unique door to the building. A barn-style garage door crafted from reclaimed wood lends rustic charm to a country or vintage home, while a sleek, shiny stainless steel garage door lends modern appeal to a contemporary home. You can also enlist the help of an artist to create a beautiful mural that adorns the front of your garage door. Any of these ideas brings a distinct look to your home and showcases your garage.

Add Outdoor Sconces

While spotlights are great for security, they do little to improve your garage's curb appeal. Outdoor sconces on either side of the garage door and side entrance create a beautiful look while still providing ample light for your space. Antique-inspired sconces from the Arts and Crafts or Victorian periods bring upscale charm to your garage, while sleek brushed nickel sconces add a modern, sophisticated touch to the building. Use the same sconces on your garage and your house to create a cohesive look, and consider hanging a few sconces inside the garage to create a beautiful lighting scheme there as well.

Upgrade Your Pedestrian Door

The pedestrian door to your garage offers a wonderful decorating opportunity. If you aren't afraid to do a little construction work and you have the available space, consider adding side lights to your door. These windows on either side of the door create a grand entrance to the garage, making it feel more like part of your home and less like a storage space. If you are concerned about people being able to see into your garage, you can choose side lights that only have a small window at the top, which preserves your privacy. For garages that don't have the available space for this project, consider adding a brightly colored door to create an interesting look for the building. You may also want to consider buying a door that matches your home's entrance for a cohesive look.

Take the time to perform a few upgrades to your garage to increase its curb appeal and create a stunning look for your property. Talk to a contractor or company like Academy Door & Control Corporation the different options available and how to complete your project.

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