Tips For Keeping Your Garage Door Equipment In Great Shape

Part of having a garage means that you have to do your part to keep the door in the best possible shape. After all, you never want to find yourself unable to make it to work one day because your car is stuck in the garage thanks to a non-working door. To help make sure that this is unlikely to ever happen to you, you are going to want to check out the following tips.

Keep The Wheels Greased

It is important to make sure that the roller balls on the garage door are nicely greased. If they dry up, they become more difficult to move down the track. This will make it difficult for you to manually open and close the door. It can even put strain on the automatic garage door opener, which could cause it to malfunction or completely break down sooner than you would expect. Simply head out to your local hardware or home improvement store and ask for a spray grease that can be easily applied to the roller balls.

Keep An Eye On The Tracks

Even if you have never directly hit something off of the tracks, you still need to keep a look out for bends in them. This can naturally happen over the years. Do not make the mistake of assuming that just because you are still able to open and close the door that it is not a problem that needs your attention at this moment. The smallest of bends in the tracks can quickly get a lot worse, so you want to call in a garage door repair technician in order to get those banged out. If he or she is unable to get the tracks back in line, they may need to be replaced.

Conduct Safety Checks

It is important to make sure that your automatic garage door will stop in time if it senses something or someone in the way. This is a safety feature meant to protect people from harm and to protect the door itself from becoming damaged if it slams down on a hard object that got in the way. Simply take a large stuff animal and place in on the ground right where the door will close. This way, if the safety feature has failed, the test object is soft enough that it will not cause any damage to the door. You will want to conduct these safety checks a few times a year.

As you can see, keeping your garage door equipment in tip top shape requires just a little bit of time.

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