What You Need To Know About Garage Door Springs

As you go about your busy day, probably one of the many things you do not think about is the condition of your garage door springs. As long as the door goes up and down, it is not a concern. You don't need to obsess about these items, but you do need to inspect them and have them regularly maintained. Failing garage door springs are dangerous, so you need to be informed about them.


Your garage door probably weighs somewhere between 150 and 250 lbs. To support that weight, your garage door opener may rely on torsion springs that are placed above your door to open it. If they are broken or separated, they cannot do their job. If you try and use your opener when the torsion springs are broken, you can wreck your entire system. Some garage doors rely on extension springs, which are placed above the tracks on both sides of the garage door, and when they fail, they cause the same type of problems. 


Garage door springs rely on a great deal of tension. As a result, they are very dangerous if you are anywhere near them when they break. A broken torsion or extension spring can cause the door to quickly close, possibly injuring you or a family member. Your vehicle may also be in danger. If the spring doesn't break, it can prevent the door from properly closing, meaning anyone can get access to your garage and possibly the main part of your home. 


Unless you have experience with installing and repairing garage doors, you should call a professional when your garage springs go bad. Your springs should last for approximately 10,000 "cycles," so if you frequently use your garage door opener, you may need to have new springs every seven to ten years. Contractors estimate that having your garage door springs replaced will cost around $200. Some contractors will also inspect the rest of your system and grease the gears when they work on the springs. Considering how long the springs last, hiring professionals seems like a reasonable expense. 

Your garage door is surprisingly durable and does not require extensive maintenance. However, it does need some attention, particularly if the springs are showing signs of wear. If you are highly experienced in this type of work, you can attempt to replace the springs yourself. The process can be dangerous due to the high level of tension that the springs hold, so calling a professional is the best choice for most homeowners. 

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