Three Things You Can Do To Make Arriving Home From Work More Pleasant

Whew -- it's been a long day at work and you just can't wait to get home and relax. In the interest of getting in the door of your humble abode, you may be willing to put up with a few inconveniences. But eliminating those minor inefficiencies that make you grumble can make your arrival at home go more  smoothly.

1. Replace a difficult-to-use garage door opener.

If every time you turn in the driveway you need to punch the garage remote numerous times to get a connection, it's time for a replacement garage door opener. Before you invest in a completely new system, check your remote to make sure it is functioning correctly.  Armed with your remote's model information, ask your local garage door installation company or home improvement store about a replacement remote. They can provide instructions on pairing the new remote with your system, a process that typically only takes a few minutes.

On the other hand, if your opener itself is old and creaky, it may be time for a replacement garage door opener. Newer models can even connect to your smartphone so you can operate them without a separate remote. Talk to companies like Don Johnson's Door Service for more information about a system that would work for your garage door.

2. Fix any sticky locks or install a keyless entry.

If you struggle with your key in the lock, or it sticks and is tough to turn, spray a little lubricant into the keyhole and let it sit for about 10 seconds. Then, put your key in and turn it a few times to evenly distribute the lubricant. Finally, wipe away any excess liquid from the lock. 

If your lock is still sticking, you may need to take it apart and grease the interior to make sure it works smoothly.

Want to do away with a lock all together? Purchase an entry keypad, where you type in a 4-digit number to unlock your doors. Or, look into a keyless entry key fob that works with your door, just like the one to your vehicle. 

3. Install a programmable thermostat.

If you arrive home at roughly the same time each day, you can program your thermostat to make your home just the right temperature when you come in the door. Some systems allow you to set a different time each day, so if you work a varied schedule, look for an option with a 7-day timer instead of a weekday or weekend timer. 

Some thermostats can work with your smartphone, too, so you can make adjustments before you leave the office.

Minimizing your stress, even if it is over a few minor issues, can make your arrival home more exciting. Consider other inefficiencies that you can make changes to over time, as well -- let this be a starting point to a more relaxing time at home.

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