Buy A House With Damaged Entrance And Garage Doors? What To Know

If you have just purchased your first house and you can see that the entrance doors have been damaged, and that the garage door is in poor condition, you want to upgrade these items before you move in. The doors are the main security features that protect you and the home, and the flaws can't be ignored.

Since you don't know who could have a house key or a garage door opener, you need new locks and a new opening system. When choosing the best replacement options you have to make sure that you choose doors that are secure. Here are a few details to look for in the following products.

The Front Door

If there are side panel windows that someone could break and reach in to unlock the door, consider choosing a wider door so you don't have those windows in place anymore. Choose a door that has a steel kick plate in the center, and a deadbolt, so you can trust that the door doesn't get kicked in. Small glass windows near the top of the door can let in light and let you see who is knocking. Any other man doors should have kick plates and deadbolts.

Garage Door

If your garage door has a pull emergency cord, this could be used for thieves to get inside. If the door is dented and discolored, it's devaluing your house. A new garage door that has the emergency lock programmed on the wall, or that you can power from your smart phone or home security system is best. Get a door that is composed of vinyl or fiberglass so it doesn't dent or get scratches, and choose an insulated door.

Sliding Doors

Have the locks changed on the sliding doors, and have door locks added at the top or the bottom of the door. These additional locks can prevent someone from pushing the door open, even if they break the main lock on the door. You can also get a tint that allows you to see how, but others can't see inside.

If you think all of the doors in the house have loose locks and that they aren't as safe as they could be, you want to go around and replace or update each one so you can go to bed or leave the property feeling safe. Get help from a garage door installation company and a locksmith if needed. 

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