3 Ways To Reduce The Repairs You Have To Make On Your Garage Door

A garage door is used a lot each day and repairs are inevitable. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reduce the amount of repairs you have to make on your garage door. This not only saves you money, but also saves you a lot of time. Keep reading to learn how you can do this.

Keep the Garage Area Clean

Always keep your garage clean as much as you can. If there is debris and dirt in the garage, it can get on the tracks. The tracks are what your garage door moves on when it is opened and closed. If the tracks become clogged with debris and dirt, they will eventually become clogged and your garage door would not open and close correctly. Even if you keep your garage door clean, clean the tracks periodically. You should also keep the hinges and rollers lubricated. Do not lubricate the tracks, however, because dirt will stick to the oil.

Check the Sensors

You can use a garage door opener to open the door with a remote control. When the button is pressed on the control, the motorized trolley is activated, the infra-red radio sensors are alerted, and then the electric motor is activated. The electric motor then engages a track and pulley system when the garage door closes. In most cases, these sensors are located on either side of the garage door generally only a few inches off the ground.  

Over time, the sensors on your garage door can become dirty. If this happens, they will start to blink. Clean them periodically so this will not happen.

If they are blinking now, first clean them and if this does not stop the blinking, you should realign the sensors.

Tighten Loose Nuts and Bolts

Over time the nuts and bolts can become loose. If not tightened, they will continue to become looser and your garage door will make a lot of noise when it opens and closes. To keep this from happening, you should tighten up these nuts and bolts. Before you get started, disconnect the power to the automatic door opener to ensure you will not be injured.

Inspect the nuts and bolts on the roller brackets, and the nuts and bolts on the rails that are on the support brackets. There are many more nuts and bolts that can become loose. Where they are depends on the type of garage door you have. Look around the door and you should be able to spot them.

If you do have a problem with your garage door, contact a garage door contractor such as Garage Doors Of Naples Inc to come to your home to look at it. Do not attempt to fix problems yourself unless you know what you are doing or you could cause further damage.  

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