Got a Headache-Inducing Garage Door? Check Out These Simple Solutions

With the press of a button, you can slip right into or out of your garage and close the door behind you, and that sure is a modern convenience to be appreciated. However, there is bound to come a time when your garage door has some issues with opening or closing, and in many cases, this struggle will come along with some brain-jarring racket that will make you rather just park in the driveway than have to hear it. If you have a noisy garage door which is obviously having issues with opening and closing, there are a few simple solutions you should get familiar with.

You are faced with unbearable screeching when your door is opened and closed. 

You hit the button on your garage door opener, and not only does the door only barely move, it lets out a painful screech that can probably be heard all through the house. This kind of noise usually means one thing: your garage door is way off track, and the screech is the deafening result of metal scraping forcefully against metal. Close the garage door and rebalance it by adjusting the tension springs, and don't forget to give the tracks a healthy dose of lubrication with a thick lithium grease.  

You hear horrible grinding before the garage door is in motion. 

If it sounds like your garage door is growling at you when you try to open it, this is a good sign you have major issues with the garage-door opener. If the sound seems to be radiating from the motor, you may have to have the whole unit replaced. If it is not, check to see if the belt or chain drive has slipped off track, and make adjustments as necessary. 

Your garage door bangs and pops with every use.

An older garage door is bound to be a little noisy, but if your garage door snaps, crackles, and pops with every motion, this is a surefire sign that your garage door's tensioner springs need to be replaced. As these metal springs start to wear out, which is a normal occurrence with age, their flexibility is compromised, which can mean a lot of pops and cracks with movement. Thankfully, having the garage-door springs replaced is a pretty basic service call that any garage-door service technician, such as one from AAA Garage Door, Inc., can take care of pretty quickly. Make sure you have this repair done right away, however, as the springs can break unexpectedly and cause further damage.

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