Properly Caring For Your Epoxy Garage Floor

There are so many benefits that come along with an epoxy garage floor coating. For instance, having your garage floor epoxy coated can help to make spills easier to clean up, extend the life of your base flooring materials, and increase the overall value of your home. However, if you wish to continue enjoying these benefits for many years to come, you will need to ensure that your epoxy floor is being properly cared for. Continue reading to learn more about the steps you should take to make sure your floor is being properly maintained.

Be Sure To Sweep Or Vacuum On A Regular Basis

Dirt, gravel, and other debris that is brought into your garage either on the soles of your shoes or in the treads of your wheels can scratch your epoxy over time. These scratches can damage the shiny finish of your floor and potentially leave your epoxy more vulnerable to damage from spills. The best way to avoid this type of damage is to use a push broom, dust mop, or soft bristle vacuum attachment to regularly remove dirt and debris from your garage floor. The frequency with which this maintenance will need to be performed will depend upon how frequently your garage is used. If you use your garage as one of the main entry points to your home, or if your vehicle is routinely parked in your garage, you will want to complete this maintenance at least once a week.

Use Mild Cleaning Solution To Mop Floor

When using a wet mop to remove stuck-on dirt, you will want to ensure that you are using a very mild cleaning solution. Oftentimes the best option will be a solution that is made up of one-part ammonia to every 10-parts warm water. You can also choose to use a cleaning solution that has been specially formulated for use on epoxy floor coatings.

When choosing a cleanser for your epoxy coated floor, you should never select a product that makes use of citrus acids. These products can damage the epoxy coating and result in etching on the surface of your floor. You should also avoid the use of soap-based products as these can make your epoxy dangerously slippery and also leave behind a dulling residue. 

Be Sure To Clean Up Spills Promptly

While your epoxy floor is able to stand up to a wide variety of spills without suffering damage, even these super durable floors can be damaged if chemicals are allowed to sit for extended periods of time. Consequently, it is important to clean up spills promptly. You may also want to consider the use of a neutralizing agent when cleaning up chemical spills such as motor oil or gasoline. This will help to further protect your floor from damage and ensure that you are not exposed to potentially dangerous gases left behind as a result of the spill. 

Contact a local garage floor service to learn more about epoxy garage floor maintenance.

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