3 Critical Things You Should Do When Installing A Garage Door In Your Home

A garage door is usually a considerable investment for every homeowner. It helps boost safety and make your home look a bit more attractive. In fact, many homeowners install the door when renovating their home to give it a facelift. However, the installation process involves several things that could lead to more problems when ignored. If you plan to install a garage door, you should ensure you choose the right one. You may assume it's a simple task, but it's always good to seek help from an expert in garage door installation. They will help you choose a more functional, reliable, and durable door. Here's what you should do to have a smooth installation process.

Work Closely with an Experienced Installer

The success of any installation process depends on the level of the skills involved. You may buy a new garage door, but the process may flop when you choose to install it yourself. You could also install it in a way that causes more damage to your property and unexpected inconveniences. Where possible, it's always vital to work closely with a professional installer because they have mastered the installation process. They also gather the necessary items before the installation begins. For instance, they get the right diameter rods, drill bits, hammers, safety glasses, the recommended wrench, driver bits, level, socket bits, and locking pliers just to make the process smooth.

Don't Reuse the Old Garage Parts

Although most garage doors function the same way, they usually come with different offsets. You can set yours from the garage wall or invest in one that the manufacturer has already pre-set. Also, you may go for a model with adjustable parts like the rails. Some garage doors have gussets that determine the distance the rails maintain or how far they are from the jambs. If your garage has limited space that can't accommodate such parts, the new door could get stuck more frequently. Using the old parts because they aren't completely worn out might seem like a money-saving idea, but it could be problematic. For this reason, don't reuse them to avoid issues like jamming and improper alignment.

Keep an Eye on the Safety Sensors

Where possible, you should think about the safety of the installation process. Ensuring that the safety sensors are working properly is usually a critical step. However, many people don't pay attention to the sensors when installing the door or even check whether they are working correctly after installation. The sensors might stop working for various reasons. For instance, strong sunlight interferes with their functionality, making it sometimes hard for the door to close or open easily. That's why you should involve an expert because they ensure the sensors are strategically positioned and functioning.

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